Student Expectations for Google Classrooms

Student Expectations for Google Classrooms
Posted on 03/20/2020
Large RamOld Saybrook Middle School Google Classroom Expectations

The Google Classroom is your school for the time being, therefore students are expected to...

• Follow all district and building policies1 and expectations for behavior as described in student handbooks as though the Google Classrooms were your actual classrooms at school.
• Be aware that all Google Classes will be regularly monitored by teachers, as well as building and district administrators.
• Treat themselves, all peers and all adults within the Old Saybrook School System in a kind, respectful and appropriate manner at all times.
• Complete all assignments, projects and assessments with the utmost academic integrity. Building expectations regarding plagiarism and academic integrity are in full effect.
• Spend four hours each day completing classwork.
• Check into class daily at least once between the hours of 9:00 – 2:00pm. Teachers will also be available daily within this timeframe to answer questions and provide feedback, as needed.
• If ill and unable to complete work, your parent or guardian MUST call in your “absence” to your school’s main office. Otherwise, teachers will be expecting you to check in at least once per day and complete class assignments.

In short: Act right, be kind, be appropriate and remember we’re all in this together! Oh and...DO YOUR WORK!!!
And...think before you post. Your teachers and principals can see everything!

Board of Education Policy 5000 - Students