A Message from OSMS

A Message from OSMS
Posted on 03/24/2020
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Good Afternoon Families,

Day 2 of distance learning, and things are off to a good start. The teachers are working hard to provide students with high-quality experiences. Nearly all students have logged into their classrooms and started their learning. We want you to know how much we appreciate your help in getting students engaged in their learning.

We know that it’s not an easy task taking on the role of the teacher in addition to the parent, especially if you are also trying to work yourself. Every child and family are different, with different challenges, so we wanted to share some suggestions that may help you manage.

-Students should be checking into each class every day, but you can be flexible about the times. Teachers are available between 9-2, but you can flex these times based on the needs of your household.

-Set a schedule! Kids thrive on consistency and knowing what will happen next, especially when their worlds have been flipped upside down. It helps them feel more secure and will help you manage your day too.

-Be sure to break up your child’s learning. Most of our students switch classes every 46 minutes. Still, even within 46-minute classes, we break up the activities and allow for movement. You can do this too. Give them “recess” and send them outside.

-Some students need more structure than others. If your child is struggling to focus, assign them a small chunk, and then have them check-in when they are finished. Timers are also a great tool to help some kids focus. “Work on this for 10 minutes, then go run around the house.”

-Give them some responsibility for your family too. A few chores in their day will break up the screen time and make them feel valued.

-Focus on the positive. Praise them for what they are doing well. A lot! And, if they have had too much, take a break.

-If they get stuck, have them email their teachers. It will help them learn to advocate for themselves and take you out of the middle.

This is new for you, new for us as educators, and new for kids. We will figure this out together. If you find you need additional support, you can reach us by phone or email.

You will hear from us again soon.

-Krista Bauchman and Matt Walton