Hello from Dr. Bauchman and Mr. Walton

Hello from Dr. Bauchman and Mr. Walton
Posted on 03/24/2020
Large RamDear OSMS students,

Dr. Bauchman, Mr. Walton, and your entire school staff miss you! We hope you were able to watch our video and see the message that we sent to you the other day. If you haven’t, you can access it on the OSMS webpage. We are also encouraging your teachers to make videos. This way, you can see their faces as a way to stay connected. Your teachers are excited and have worked extremely hard to prepare for your learning.

As distance learning becomes the new classroom for us all, remember that we are in this together. We want you to know how much we support you and want you to be educated in the best way possible without stressing you out! If you don’t know, don’t worry -- your teachers/counselor and administrators will help you. Remember, one day at a time! We have told you that teachers are available from 9-2 each day and you are required to check-in and learn every day. However, we understand that some will only be able to log-in and do coursework early in the morning, later in the afternoon or evening, depending on what is going on in your home and what your technology access needs might be. Again, do not worry! We all will be flexible to individual family needs.

It is important to still be a kid! Even though the way you are growing up and the things you are experiencing have changed, we still want you to have as much structure and routine as possible. These are good things! When it comes to your learning, have a little fun with it. Create a workplace that is quiet and enables you to engage with the teaching. Take breaks and run around and get some exercise. Set a time to eat your lunch and talk to your family.

Above all, be smart, be safe, be kind, and be a kid! Take good care of your families by helping out around the house and stay current with your schoolwork.

Be well OSMS!

-Dr. Bauchman and Mr. Walton