Grade 7 JumpRope

Grade 7 JumpRope
Posted on 10/18/2022
Large RamHello 7th grade parents,

Viewing progress in Google Classroom: As mentioned in my last communication, Team 7 is working on a pilot of a new grade book called JumpRope, which will provide you, students, and teachers with information about your child’s strengths and areas of growth in an easy-to-use format. To recap, the rollout should be complete by the end of the month. In the meantime, you can see your child’s progress in Google Classroom. This week we showed students how to view their progress toward the standards. Please ask them to show you their grades on their assignments this school year. Below is a link to a video to help you navigate Google Classroom if needed. You will also find some additional information about JumpRope and Standards-based grading.

Link for video, looking at scores in Google Classroom:

Why Standards-based Grades: The use of standard-based grades fosters a growth mindset among learners and it encourages reteaching and relearning of skills that aren't mastered the first time they are taught. Standards-based grades invite frequent reflection on progress and self-improvement to encourage growth. Standards-based scores are clearly linked to rubrics that define what mastery looks like for specific skills and practices. This will allow for more objective measures of student progress than traditional grades. Because many skills spiral during the school year, students have multiple opportunities to demonstrate their understanding, which provides a clearer picture of academic growth.

Why JumpRope: JumpRope is a grading platform that is designed around standards-based grades and provides easy-to-access visuals that show student progress across the mastery continuum. JumpRope will allow you to better understand your child’s strengths and areas for growth in each class, in addition to providing you with the ability to monitor their growth over time. The use of JumpRope will allow students to better understand the standards they have mastered and what they need to continue to work on, which will enable them to set goals and make decisions about their learning and assume ownership of it. It will also help teachers personalize instruction based on students’ areas of growth and strengths with each standard.

Please ask your children to share their progress with you in Google Classroom.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to any of your child's teachers.  We will continue to reach out with concerns.

Thanks and warm regards,

Krista Bauchman Ed.D., OSMS Principal

Grade 7 Team